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Did you ever hear about the cat who had nine lives?

I don’t know about nine, but I’ve been fortunate to live at least two lives. After spending over a decade and a half as a management consultant, I turned to my passion – health and fitness – and made it my vocation.

In my management consultant avataar, I provided – indeed, continue to provide – advice on strategic visioning, strategy development, corporate innovation, business excellence, and business process restructuring to the C-suite of several organisations, from start-ups to US$ 10 Bn corporations, in Asia and the Middle East, thus, putting my Oxford MBA and double degrees in Economics and Law to good use.

I sharpened my analytical skills alongside some of the best minds in the consulting world while at A T Kearney, and honed my business acumen under the guidance of industry stalwarts such as Anand Mahindra, the head of the Mahindra Group.

While the corporate stint proved immensely intellectually stimulating and professionally enriching, after over seventeen years of being at it, I was being pulled ever so strongly towards my passion of helping people uncover a sustainable formula for their own health and fitness.

My personal successes of post-pregnancy recovery and body composition improvement drove me to study the science behind it. One thing led to another and I soon held a Personal Trainer certification from K11, the leading academy on fitness sciences in India, and Pearson Assured, UK, to add to my Yoga Instructor certification.

As a fitness coach, I help my clients achieve their fitness goals through thoroughly tailored and personalised exercise programming as well as diet protocols. With my strong belief in the need to revive ancient Indian wisdom and methods in day-to-day life, I ensure a coherence between traditional rules of thumb and the demands of a modern lifestyle. My way to contributing to a better future for humankind!


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Uncovering the secret to long term health and fitness, one tip at a time

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